Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine
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Nonsurgical treatment for spine
Globalization and scientific non-surgery treatment of spinal diseases
Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine

As it was designated as health tour hospital in 2001 by Korea Health Industry Development Institute, lots of famous politicians, businessmen, sports stars, journalists, and personnel related to medical business are in line to visit this hospital.

Since its opening in 1999, Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine has been extraordinarily frequently visited by patients from other countries. Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine's motto is 'globalization and scientific of oriental medicine.' Growing out of appealing image of 'traditional medicine' in fragments, it is actively trying to advertise that it has scientific power different from western medicine.

It was after opening the international clinic in Aug. 2006 when Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine regularly activated the medical examination for patients from other countries. Based on clinical experience and know-how from non-surgery treatment of spinal diseases over more than 50 million times a year, it provided foreigners with medication manual made of their languages, and executed the delivery service by which they can take oriental medicine even when they are back in their own countries.

Coordinator total service for foreigners only, rapid increase of patients from other countries.

By assigning exclusive doctors like Raimund Royer, the first foreign oriental doctor who speaks English and German, and 4 doctors who speaks Japanese and Chinese respectively, it has no problem communicating with patients from other countries.

It also opened international examination support team, and provides patients from other countries with total service from entry to Korea to return to their own countries by exclusive coordinators who speak English and Japanese.

Due to these efforts, number of the first visit patients from other countries increased to 389 in 2007, and to 576(150%) in 2008, though it was only around 185 when the international clinic was opened from Aug. to Dec. in 2006.

Shin, Jun-sik, Chief director of the hospital said "Patients who visited the hospital are highly satisfied with efficacy of oriental medicine that cures spinal diseases by acupuncture and drug without surgery. Especially in Japan, so many japanese patients visit the hospital in Korea that I could feel myself Korean wave is also going on in oriental medicine."

It is planning to attract visitors groups in coordination with Korea Tourism Organization, Korea Health Industry Development Institute, and Council for Korean Medicine Overseas Promotion. Besides, it is planning to actively participate in many international affairs related to medical tourism like various expositions, conferences, and forums.